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Virtual Reality

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My Integrated Design & Media Masters Thesis! An interactive VR experience, focusing on existentialism and absurdism. Project made using Unity and designed for the Oculus Quest 2.

My Interactive Multimedia Senior Thesis! An interactive VR game created in Unity for the Oculus Quest 2. This game is a narrative based puzzle game, where the player has to explore a scene to find a way into their family's old abandoned Lake House.

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augmented Reality

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An app where you can chat with and take care of an Augmented Reality pet.

A playlist of Tiktok and Snapchat filters and effects that I've built using Effect House and Lens Studio, utilizing nodes and other visual scripting techniques.

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A 12 x 12 laser-cut wooden shadowbox, depicting an underwater shipwreck scene, designed in Illustrator. Added augmentation created using BlippAR to bring the scene to life with animation and sound.

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